New Year, New You

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Vest: lululemon Shirt: lululemon (similar here) Pants: lululemon Shoes: Nike (similar here) Photography: Noah Berg

I think it’s safe to say we all silently agreed that our “New Year” would technically start today and not last Friday, January 1st. For me, I chose not to start on Friday because I woke up and had a slice of chocolate pie for breakfast. I’ll leave the rest of my weekend consumption to your imagination, hint:  it was indulgent.

So happy FIRST Monday of the year! I start this week with a little extra enthusiasm towards my weekly goals because it’s a fresh start which brings a strong sense of hopefulness. Hope is such an incredible thing, it’s allowed me to, after all these years, continue thinking that at some point in my life I will look like Kate Moss circa ’92. I’m pretty sure it will eventually happen.

A huge resolution theme for many people is health and wellness, which is understandable considering it’s something most of us can improve upon and because good health is crucial both presently and in our future. When I’m healthy and active, although it requires discipline and early morning dedication (my choice), I am absolutely at my best. I sit down at the start of each workday with a better attitude and am more patient when things aren’t going well, personally and professionally. The past year and a half that I’ve been regularly going to the gym has shown me that working out is just as important for my mental health as it is my physical health. There are days when I wake up stressed out about my job or am just feeling bit negative towards everything in general; on those days I get myself out of bed at 6:00am, not for my body, but for my brain. Another plus, on those mornings that I workout, my food choices are much different than on days when I choose to sleep because I do NOT wake up early and work my ass off to pack those calories back on with a bagel and cream cheese, no I most certainly do not.

They say it takes thirty days to create a habit. It took me a little over twenty nine years but for about a year now I have been working out three days per week, no less. What’s depressing is that I recently read an interview of a celebrity who spoke about her workout routine and said she started out slow, “only” working out three days per week and then built up to seven days per week…crickets. First, let me just say that I was very proud of my three day per week status, but apparently that’s for amateurs. Second, it made me realize that it was time to step it up.

My 2016 health and wellness related goal is to incorporate one additional day into my weekly workout routine. Sounds easy, but my current three days seem to just baaaaarely fit into my schedule. One thing is certain, I will need a little extra motivation and for any of you out there who, after one day in the gym, need some extra motivation to keep you going so you can hit that 30 day habit forming mark, here is what I’ve found helpful:

  • Buy Cute Workout Attire-Stare at that adorable tank and not your arm fat
  • Carry a Cool Water Bottle-It’s basically a gym purse, I recommend S’well (mine is beach cottage-25oz)
  • Make a Playlist Ahead of Time-Spend some time putting together a playlist that will keep you motivated when you’re losing steam. I listen to slow R&B which some find weird, but who wouldn’t be motivated by music that makes you want to make-out? Duh.
  • Go with a Friend-No one appreciates being stood up and that includes your gym bestie. Bonus is, you can grab coffee after. Or wine, if you workout in the evening. Or afternoon. Or you’re just a lady of leisure and can drink wine at 9:00am. Goals.

If all else fails, just spend a day outside the gym, find someone really attractive, and start going at the same time. There’s nothing like a secret gym crush to keep you going back.

Good luck to you. Good luck to me. We can do this. Just think, we have approximately three months before patio happy hours start back up, lets be the girls who are ready to bare arms before we start sweating. God speed.








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