Chilaquiles + Chambray

Noah Berg Photography

Many think that those of us who live in Colorado are stuck dealing with cold, long winters full of ice and snow. Those people are often surprised to hear that winters in Denver are enjoyable and often times, mild. It’s not unusual for Sunday brunch to turn into a full day spent on a rooftop patio, sipping mules under the warmth of the sun. As the east coast is seeing record low temps this week, Denver is facing highs in the seventies. Warm winter days still call for layers, because as the sun sets, the temps  dip back into the forties. A perfect afternoon to evening pairing is this chambray dress and faux fur vest. The vest is a no fuss article that is easy to slide on and off and the dress, with sleeves that can be rolled, is perfect for those warm afternoons. Hope you all enjoyed your extended holiday weekend and found time to sneak in an extra round of mimosas and french toast!