My name is Brittany Rowan and I’m a midwest girl (Saint Louis, Missouri) living in (near) the mountains (Denver, Colorado). By day, I dream about being a full-time lady of leisure. Professionally, I’m an account manager for a global travel company. I also own an event planning company, Rustic + Refined , specializing in events of both social and ceremonial relevance. Through Rustic + Refined, I am often hired to write professionally for couples who are getting married and by individuals seeking guidance with written words, personally and professionally. Out of passion, I share tidbits of my life, both reality and make-believe, through the words and photos on my blog. I created Vodka and Birthday Cake in 2009 as a means to share my adventures and insight with others, while hopefully bringing some smiles to the faces of my followers.

Thank you for following my journey.


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