So Long Simple Life!

Week nine on the island is approaching and here is a list of the things for which my heart aches the very most…

1. My family and friends-Die, die, DIE at the thought of an evening perched on a barstool at one of the high tops at Barcelona with the leading ladies in my life gossiping over goat cheese/marinara and sangria…so soon!
2. My boyfriend-Can not wait to see mon amour.
3. Red wine– Vodka and water goes better with the warm island temps…I am very much looking forward to a glass (bottle) of cab upon arrival.
4. My bedroom-My books, pictures, purses, candles, jewelry, and of course my dreamy bed… Oh how I miss Rapunzel’s room.
5. My nail salon-Love getting mani/pedis with a girlfriend…otherwise my impatience gets the best of me. Need to look into BYOB (Bring your own bubbly) salons in my area. This two month girlfriend catch up will call for much more than a cold Diet Coke.
6. Starbucks-Grande skinny vanilla latte, extra hot please… Starbucks will be the second thing I do once I arrive in Miami (Turning on my phone will be first…more than likely upon descent).
7. My esthetician Judith-No one else comes near me with wax. Her work is magic and we have a much needed date two days after my arrival, although I am actually starting to get the 80’s supermodel bushy brow look that was in a few falls ago…damn.
8. My beloved Chloe perfume-I save it for sexy dates with my beau.
9. My fall/winter wardrobe-After wearing sassy summer dresses and sandals for eight weeks, I am over summer clothes. Is it fall yet? I need another London summer packed with cool days and gray skies…true love.
10. High heels-If I had brought a pair, I would be walking around my room in them daily. The Ann Taylor kitten heels, which I packed for work, just don’t give me the same satisfaction as a pair of 6 inch pumps.
11. My Phone-How I have gone 18 weeks sans my cell phone in just 9 months is beyond me.
12. Cooking-One of the things I enjoy the most when I have the luxury of being in a real kitchen (Not often). I can not wait to pour a glass of red, turn on some Ray (LaMontagne), and get lost in my thoughts while preparing a scrumptious meal…heaven.

Soooooo I am officially 58 days in with only 10 to go….I dream nightly of putting on a LBD paired with black opaque tights, black patent leather pumps, and accessories galore. I can’t wait to actually style my hair and apply makeup…dark eyes and nude, glossy lips oh my! And for once in my life I am looking forward to spending a lengthy amount of time getting ready for an evening out on the town! This girl has had more than her fill of beach babe au naturel and is ready for some beyond generous, overly girly glamour!

Island Bird

A little over two months ago I found out my next trip was going to be a long one… really long… long as in nine weeks on the Caribbean island of Curacao which is just off the Venezuelan coast. To say I cried is an understatement and here is why…

1. I don’t like the Sun (It makes me hot)
2. I don’t like the sand (It makes me dirty)
3. I don’t like to lay out (I get bored)

What on EARTH was I supposed to do on an island for NINE weeks?! Seven weeks in London was a long time and at least London offers museums, markets, theatre, and shopping! This is a girl who prefers city streets to beaches, clouds to sun, cool air to warm, dresses and heels to coverups and sandals, dirty martinis to pina coladas, cute sassy clutches to big beach bags, oh my gosh… how would I survive?!

So basically that’s what was running through my head an entire month before I made my way south. If I did not change my way of thinking, this trip was going to be the end of me and possibly my beautiful career as a world traveler! I knew something had to change and unfortunately it was not going to be the Sun and sand, it had to be me.

I decided to ask friends and family for some suggestions on ways I could spend my time on the island and here is what they came up with…

1. Work out-Done and done. After not working out for years I have finally gotten back into it. While sexy R&B blasts in my ears I imagine myself looking tight and toned in sexy lingerie (Don’t judge until you have tried it and for those of you who can not get motivated by listening to Celine Dion like my mother, try some R. Kelly…trust)
2. Collect Seashells-Tried gathering some shells the first day I was here and fell…got angry…went to my room. Maybe another time on a more shell collecting friendly beach.
3. Read-Got a Kindle for convenience while traveling…I love my Kate Spade Kindle case a little bit more than the Kindle itself…it’s true.
4. Sell Treasure Maps-I should find all the hidden (And non hidden) beach bars on the island, make a beach bar pub crawl, design it to look like a super old treasure map (Beach bars are definitely treasures), and sell them to all the tourists…best idea ever!!
5. Learn to speak the native language-The native language is Papiamentu and Danki Dushi (Love it!), which means “Thank you sweetheart”, is as much as I plan on taking back to the US with me.
6. Learn to knit and play bridge-My sister suggested this and I don’t know whether I am more disappointed in her or personally insulted.

So I’ve been here a little over a month now and I must say…I’m reeeeally warming up to island life. I’ve gotten myself into a routine of working out, reading…a lot, swimming and snorkling, I went cliff jumping (Huge!), and even sip on the occasional banana daiquiri (Yums!). With my sun kissed look, there is no need for makeup. I still wear dresses, but have swapped the heels for cowboy boots and I watch the sunset almost every evening from my beyond beautiful balcony. This city loving lady has met the island girl within and is soaking up every minute of this beach bum life and a little sun along the way!