There’s Something About Mary

Yes, there is definitely something about her. I was invited by a girlfriend to see Mary Poppins at the Fox last night. First off, let me say that these tickets are as good as they get, dead center third row…I LOVE when she invites me because seeing the show that close…it’s out of control. Back to Mary. I didn’t remember much of the story line before going. I think I’ve seen the movie once…prob 18 (omg) years ago. I remembered that Mar was this nanny lady who flew around with her umbrella and fed children spoons full of sugar. That is it. Also, the Mary I remembered, she was an older woman who had no sex appeal. Let me just tell you, Mary has some serious sass and I swear, a little sexy cloud follows her around at all times. Somewhere, somehow Mary fell off the radar of sexy, strong, female, role models…but she is back. The girl does not dress sexy, yet looks completely hot. No more homeless chic, MP has brought back the sexiness in being put together and proper. She shows NO cleav or legs, yet all you think about is how good she looks. She explains herself NEVER and does what she wants. She comes and goes when she pleases and people do whatever she says without blinking an eye. I think all young children need to see MP in action. Girls will see that you don’t need to prance around with your belly out and cleavage up to your chin to be sexy and boys, well they will have a real appreciation for a girl that does what she wants, looks good without looking like a hoe, and doesn’t tolerate any BS. Mary is the new Miley.

Fall Has Arrived

Well…I didn’t last long. I tried hard, but couldn’t do it. I woke up way too early this past Sunday morning and started running through the previous night in my head. I thought about running into my sister’s high school ex boyf, the random guy dressed like Pee Wee Herman (what?!), my friends beautiful engagement ring, thinking shots were a good idea (sick), how I had to use the men’s restroom because the line to the girl’s was RIDIC (funny how I would never dream of doing that while out to lunch, but after 4 drinks seems completely acceptable)…and then I remembered something that made me really excited. I remembered the walk from Over/Under to Lucas and how cool the air felt. I thought of the walk from the bar to the car and how chilly it was outside, to the point of having goosebumps. I loved it! A friend of mine text me saying we should get lunch…and then I had the grandest of ideas. I told him we were going to the grocery store and I was going to make a huge pot of chili!! (my fav thing to cook in the fall) When I got to his house I asked him to turn down the air really low so it felt like fall annnnnd because I was starting to get a bit warm…in my leggings. I know…I am a total failure, but oh well, if I can extend fall to four months instead of three…well that is just amazing.

The Secret Gardens of Saint Louis

I love to explore and am always up for an exciting adventure. On most Saturday afternoons, after I finish my errands and a quick stop at Forever 21, I can be found driving around listening to music and in search of some sort of afternoon adventure. A lot of people mistake my curiosity for nosiness, but it’s 110% curisosity and quite frankly, I am surprised it hasn’t killed me yet. Here are some general guidelines that I always try to follow.

1. Always have a PIC (partner in crime) with you, not to practice safety or anything, but how much fun is it to rummage through some big, scary, abandoned building alone? UH NOT AT ALL. (For safety purposes, a PIC is essential when ghetto cruising, it’s just not smart to enter gang territory sans a pack)

2. When approaching a homeless person’s place of squatting, make sure to give a friendly call out before getting too close. Trust me on this.

3. Camera, Camera, Camera

4. Always have cash on you. Seedy places tend to accept cash only. I recently took a trip to the Pevely Flea Market and fell in love with a vintage gold watch and I only had my deb on me. Thankfully, my PIC had some cash. (another reason PIC’s are essential)

5. When exiting your vehicle, prepare for the worst. Always keep your mace in your hand and as much as you want to aim it at the air…don’t. It is very important to be discreet with your weapons.

6. At times there may be people you have to get past (homeowners, factory employees, security). When faced with these road blocks, always say that you are working on a project for school. It’s easy to BS, typically believable (espec with the cam), and most people want to help a struggling college student.

7. If and when the police catch you, play innocent. Tell them that you had no clue that the road was private, the building was closed, or what trespassing is.

Pillow Fight on a Friday Night

Tonight three generations of women in my family got together for a “girls sleepover”. FYI- I miss a night out about as much as a pastor misses church. So I packed my overnight bag this morning and was fine with staying in until a girlfriend invited (totally tempted) me to grab dinner and drinks at Napoli. A sugar free RBV sounded sooooo much more refreshing than Raspberry Crystal Light, but being the good girl that I am, I kept my word and headed over to my momma’s after work. We had some red bean soup, a family tradition (amaz), took an evening stroll, and while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, polished off that raspberry iced tea. I’m not converting, but I think a Friday night off every once in a while does the body good. zzzz

Au Revoir, summer!

I have never been a fan of summer. My dad says I am “allergic” to sweating. I think he’s right. I just could never get into the heat, the sun, and the endless outdoor activites…in the heat and the sun. Some call that prissy, but I just see it as I like to be comfortable. Why would I CHOOSE to be hot and sweaty if I don’t have to? Being a girl that would rather spend hours piecing together new outfits from old clothes in my closet rather than laying on the couch watching Gossip Girl on a hungover Saturday afternoon, I just don’t understand why some girls prefer summer dressing to fall/winter dressing. Nothing excites me more than the call of fall. My heart rate races with thoughts of bulky leather boots, oversized handbags, layerying, accessories galore, scarves with everything, and my all time favorite…leggings. If I could, I would wear leggings every single day. Everytime I go to Target, I buy a new pair of leggings. A girl can not have enough, especially at $8 a pop. This year I am trying my hardest not to pull out the fall wardrobe before it’s time. I will never forget the Missouri/Illinois Arch Rival game at the Dome in 2007. It was early September and was prob the first day since spring in the low 80’s, I pulled out a sassy black and gold cotton dress in my closet and paired it with leggings and Uggs. Big mistake. I tried my hardest that afternoon to ignore the sweat that was dripping down my back (sick) and forming on my forehead (bonjour frizz). I then realized that I was going against all that I stood for…voluntarily making myself uncomfortable! Shame on me! Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when we left the tailgate for a bar. Point of this story….I can not wait for fall and it’s almost time!!

8 other reasons why I love the fall, in no particular order:

The colors of EVERYTHING
The Balloon Glow
Forest Park Wine Festival
Chili on a cool day
Drinking a pale ale on the patio of Llwelyns in the CWE
Sunday football
Did I mention the clothes?