Chapter Glow Girl



I do a lot of things. I stay busy, I keep myself involved, and I’m always hungry for more. I thrive on challenge, overcoming obstacles, and preforming under pressure. It must be the competitive side of me, but I’m my only competitor. I have high expecations for who I am, how I treat people, what I’m doing with my life, and my lifestyle; money and success being primary motivators.

I had a good job working for a company I’d been with for almost nine years. A job that came with some incredible travel perks that would leave a lot of people feeling satisfied, but satisfaction was the last thing I possessed as I had too much leisure time outside of working hours. I don’t watch TV and so my evenings were quiet and filled with either first dates or early transitions to bed, scrolling through social media. I don’t have a husband or children and so after filling my weekends for so many years, I got bored with all the roadtrips, brunches, skiing, camping, killing time…that’s what I was doing, killing time to get to Monday and it left me feeling empty and unsatisfied.

Four years ago I started an event planning business because it was a natural step considering I’d been producing large-scale events for Fortune clients for years and planning a $60,000 wedding felt like something I could do with ease. I spent about two years planning and coordinating weddings on the side for extra income, with a hope of building something I was proud of and could eventually move into, full-time. After two years, I knew it wasn’t the right move for me. I wasn’t excited about peonies, blush tones, brides or Canon in D. The relationship wasn’t exciting as I knew I’d likely never work with my clients again and overall, it was the last thing I wanted to be doing and so I dissolved the company.

I sat for a couple of years, filling my time and constantly feeling an itch and something pulling at me, “What are you going to do? What is it? How are you going to make it? What is next?”. These questions hit me constantly, stressing me out, irritating me, leaving me feeling deep frustration over the way I’m wired. I was continuously telling myself, “Brittany, you make a good living, you can afford to live in Denver, you have a lovely apartment, and you have a great lifestyle. ENJOY your life. Find satisfaction. Find appreciation.”, but those reminders did nothing to quiet those voices and the longer I was between side projects, the louder they came at me, moving from my head to a constant knot in my stomach.

In May of 2018 I was a bridesmaid (with my sister!) in our girlfriend’s wedding in Cabo. I got a spray tan and as I was standing there naked, getting bronzed, the wheels started turning; I surveyed the room, the equipment, the technician, the layout of the space. I felt the tanning industry had this horrible, cheesy stigma and there was no existing brand that brought me the excitement that I feel when I step into Drybar or Soul Cycle. I felt the industry was lacking a thoughtful, clever brand that was geared towards women (and men!) who appreciate an elevated, curated experience from a brand whose service levels are unmatched and the service itself, fun and enjoyable. I’m am a fairly natural person when it comes to my style and makeup. I love organic, clean products and I live for protection from the sun, but, without a doubt, have a strong desire to look just as bronzed as the girls who don’t have a care in the world about skin cancer and all the damage that comes from sun exposure. I needed to create a space, a brand, and an experience for all of the people, who like me, desire and appreciate something curated and intentional that leaves them not only inspired, but glowing.

I sat on the idea all summer, talking only to my dad and my ex-boyfriend about my thoughts, oh and the girls at wine club, briefly, after way too much wine when we were discussing our goals for the remainder of the year. Eventually my impatient ex said, “if you don’t stop talking about this and actually do something, I want to stop hearing about it”, he encourages a little differently, but it comes from his heart.

In August I went to Austin on a work trip that turned out to be rather disappointing and on an early flight back to Denver (after a 5:30am Soul Cycle class!) I put together my business plan and some preliminary numbers in a spreadsheet and knew it was time. I landed, went to a girlfriend’s wedding, filled my last weekend, and started Glow Girl Color Bar on Monday. It has been a busy, fulfilling, and satisfying five months. My business is gaining traction, I’m part of the small-business community in Denver, I lived out my DREAM of being a market vendor at the Denver FLEA in November (with help from my amazing mom!), I’ve expanded my business to my hometown of Saint Louis, and am deeply focused on brand expansion and growth in 2019.

When I announced my newest venture, a friend of mine commented that she loved how I continue to reinvent myself and at first, I cringed and thought, “Oh gosh, is that embarassing? Am I wishy washy??”, but it’s not at all, I’m a hungry entreprenuer who is searching to find what works and is afraid to fail, but not so afraid that I’m not willing to put myself out there, my finances on the line, and just try.

Thank you for all of your support, love, and encouragement. I’m having a lot of fun.

Yours in spray tans and building brands,