Diamonds are Forever. So are Words​

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The holidays have passed and you’re getting back to life as you knew it, except for one little thing….you’re ENGAGED! There’s nothing more exciting than the engagement time leading up to your wedding. There are beautiful parties, countless toasts and speeches in your honor, and don’t forget endless excuses to spend a little (lot) on exciting additions to your wardrobe during this period, because, HELLO…you’re GETTING MARRIED; however, with all of the celebrating and fun, lets face it, there’s real work to be done. That work starts with your announcement, setting a date, choosing a destination and venue, creating your guest list, planning the details, and of course, getting into the best shape of your LIFE, and that doesn’t even include the wedding events (oye!). In addition to event planning, coordination, and execution, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve added creative writing to my list of professional services. From engagement announcements to website content, printed materials, and thoughtful notes, I work with my clients to ensure we are telling a story that expresses their thoughts and captures their voice in a concise, cohesive, and clear manner. Your wedding communication will likely be the most important written material you’ll ever share with your friends and family (and the curious public!), so why not take the extra step to ensure your words set the proper tone when making your introduction, as a couple, to the world?

Creative services can be offered to clients based anywhere in the world. 

For information on creative services, please email:


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