Neo Nudism

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Pre flight, look, no pants!

I went to the airport naked today. Okay, not really, I had leggings on, but I couldn’t feel them. I love leggings and if you read this blog regularly or know me well, you know this about me. I started out wearing these terrible Xhilaration leggings from Target that cost me $9.99 and offered zero support;  they didn’t squeeze in my tummy, and didn’t grab and lift my butt, which needs a lot of grab and a little lift. I cringe at the thought of myself in those cheap leggings, but thankful that I was wearing them at 21 and not 31 (I’m so relieved that the legging game is still going strong).

I went to Lululemon yesterday because today I flew to Tokyo and we all know it’s important to not only feel cute, but feel equally comfortable on those lengthy flights. I stopped in because I was on an annoying run to Kinkos, felt I needed to reward myself with a Starbucks, and then realized I had 4 minutes left on my meter and being the wasteful lady that I am not, felt I needed to use the time I’d worked hard to pay for and so Lululemon was an obvious choice. That’s the real story. After I walked in I then realized I had that lengthy flight ahead and thought I should take a look around….see what’s new in the Lu. Harmless….

That’s when my life changed. This a public service announcement ladies, so listen up. I have found the best leggings on Earth. The best leggings in the entire WORLD.

My girlfriend who was with me had told me about these leggings and I was certain I’d tried them on in the past, so brushed off her dramatic remarks of how comfortable the leggings were. I mean, all good leggings are comfortable. And then….I put them on….and I swear to you, I most definitely had never tried those leggings on before, because I’d never felt anything like that in my life.

I walked out of the dressing room and said, “I feel like I’m naked. I feel like there is just air. I feel like I am just, I feel….nothing.” I couldn’t stop talking with my girlfriend and the shop girls about these leggings and I assure you the way I was trying to describe all the feelings and how blown my mind was, well if an outsider were watching, I’m sure someone would have thought I was tripping.

Okay, so the scoop. What I did find out is that Lululemon created their OWN fabric and it’s called Nulu and it’s changing everything. You know those girls who are really into fashion and kind of talk like Rachel Zoe and say that everything feels like butter? I find that term (and those girls) kind of annoying. These pants. They’re butter. I get what that term means now. I get it. Butter. My leggings feel like butter, and air, and nakedness.

This morning I sent my mom and sister my PSA text advising them that it was in their best interest to purchase naked leggings before they go away or sell out or before the world ends and they never get to feel naked in public. That’s when my sister asked me to send a photo of the tag and so I did and guess what the tag read?

I    W A N T   T O   F E E L   N A K E D

What?! Can you believe it?! Never once yesterday did the ladies at the store mention to me that these were designed to make a person feel naked! The description tag on the clothing bullets out, “Naked Sensation”. Sensation? These leggings are a sensation! Lululemon, congrats, you nailed it. You’ve allowed me to be naked in public and for that, I am forever yours. Now, go get these leggings before the rest of the world catches on and if I’m late to the Nulu fabric game, thanks a lot for sharing…no one told me. If you didn’t know, now you do. Go to Lululemon and get the Align pant.

Yours in Responsible Nudity,

Brittany xo



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