Cleanliness is Next to Goddess-liness

girl in bath

Last week I cleansed and last week I didn’t die. Thank God. Not only did I survive, I kind of thrived. As mentioned in my earlier post, which you can find here, I partnered with Pressery, a Colorado based organic, cold-pressed juice company to cleanse, interview, and review their products. I was a little weary as I didn’t much enjoy a previous cleanse (that lasted twenty one days), but knew that I could do anything for three days and also knew I wanted to drop a few pounds before I added more than a few over the quickly approaching Thanksgiving holiday.

I chose to start on a Monday because every single Monday morning (since I was about twelve) I wake with an immense amount of motivation to make healthier eating choices, workout harder, and get my life together, generally speaking. That typically lasts until about 10:00am when I find myself hungry for a snack. This Monday was no different, except I had a little more determination than usual after seeing 20 beautiful bottles lined up in my refrigerator. Sadly the beauty of the bottles kept me motivated until about 1:00pm and then a sharp cry from stomach shut that down. Luckily, in speaking with Pressery owner, Mimi Lee, I was told I could make the cleanse whatever I wanted. I had the option to go total liquid or pair my juices with healthy food such as raw vegetables and light soup. I planned ahead knowing that after Saturday pizza and Sunday lasagna my body and mind would be vocal about wanting more than just juice. I was right and planning ahead helped me avoid re-heating said lasagna and blowing my cleanse before I made it twelve measly hours.

Day two came and I started my day with a workout which left me hungry, but luckily my body adjusted to the cleanse quickly and I went home, drank another juice, and ate an apple. I remained on liquid the rest of the day and for dinner had another bowl of soup (not broccoli cheddar, guys) with my evening juice. Day three was even better. I woke up at 6:00am with more energy than usual and had a great morning workout. I was initially concerned that keeping up with my workouts would be difficult since I had not consumed nearly as many calories in the days prior, but my workout was great and the rest of the day I strictly juiced and dropped the solids. YES.

Photo Credit: Pressery

A brief review of the juices I consumed, listed in the order I drank them throughout the day, per cleanse instructions:

  1. Heat Wave-Started each day with this refreshing blend of lemon, maple, and habanero (kick-starts that metabolism!), among other ingredients. This is similar to the Master Cleanse recipe, but SO. MUCH. BETTER.
  2. Chia Berry-Chia and berries, might as well be dessert.
  3. Green Light-Refreshing, light, and invigorating. It’s basically a salad in a bottle at lunchtime!
  4. Beat Street-Interesting taste that ended up being one of my favorite juices. It’s flavorful and hearty which helps with mid-day mental hunger. Mental hunger was real for me and am certain it truly is mental.
  5. Green Zinger-Another green drink done right. Refreshing and simply yummy.
  6. Protein Power Up-Lifesaver. This is labeled as a “snack” so it’s up to you to enjoy at your leisure. I STRONGLY recommend you save this until around 5 or 6pm, before dinner. I found that time, each day, to be when I was MOST craving snacks and felt truly hungry. This drink is so thick and hearty and delicious that after a day sipping on light juices, is as satisfying as a chocolate milkshake. If you start your day with this drink, you’ll be screwed, so save it.

In addition to the above listed items, Mimi had me try out two brand new products that Pressery just released, drinking vinegars. My dad has been starting his days with a shot of vinegar for a couple of years and swears by the health benefits that it offers. I’ve ignored him those years because I cannot get over the taste. Lucky for me…and you, Pressery has an entire line of vinegar drinks that have great ingredients and flavors. I tried Strawberry Basil and Lemon Cayenne, which were great. They still have the vinegar taste so I will admit that it will take time for me to gain a desire or craving, but if you’re committed to your heath and want the benefits that come from drinking vinegar, Pressery’s products are the way to go. They make healthy taste good (that is actually their slogan).

Although my cleanse wrapped after day three, I maintained healthy choices (excluding  the wine and vodka and cheese I consumed on Saturday night…and Sunday) the rest of the week and still today, one week later. I realize now that cleansing doesn’t have to be a drastic and miserable experience. It can be used as a simple reset each week, or each month, or each year. You can cleanse for one day, two, three, it’s completely customizable based on what you’re looking to accomplish and what’s realistic for you and your body. If i had the money, I’d do it every single week, but my initials don’t start and end with the letter K and so that’s why I personally will turn to this when I need a simple reset; whether it be before or after the holidays, leading up to a vacation, before I see an ex-boyfriend, pre any wedding, post every debaucherous bachelorette party weekend, and definitely before fall attire season begins and probably four times per year, no matter what, because you guys, cleanliness really is next to goddess-liness.

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