Long Dresses + Short Boots


Jacket: Free People Hat: Nordstrom (similar) Boots: Nordstrom Photo Credit: Holly Estrow Photography

I’ve never been much of a fan of casual long dresses, on other girls yes, but me, no. When I saw this dress in the store I was fixated on the deep hazelnut color (I’m lost in a world of neutrals) and decided to give it a try, though it’s not a typical piece I would have considered for myself. I slipped it on and to my surprise, loved it. I pair it with ankle booties and a leather-esque jacket that I bought at the beginning of the season. I adore the jacket because it maintains the look of a motorcycle jacket, but isn’t leather, therefore is reasonably priced and paired with the draping in the front, has softer look and a coziness that you get with wearing a big scarf. It’s a great fall outfit due to the light weight of the dress which keeps me cool during sunny afternoons enjoying patio wine, yet warm on those crisp fall evenings.




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