Let’s Try This Again-Cleansing


Do you guys remember when I cleansed for twenty one days a couple of years ago? If you don’t you can read about my experience (torture) here, Cleanse Part: 1 and Cleanse: Part 2. There is no Cleanse Part: 3 because I died. I’m kidddding, but really, cleanses are hard. You have to have a lot and I mean a lot of self discipline, which I don’t always have, but I do have a strong desire to be skinny (usually when I’m full).

A brief re-cap of twenty one days of no fun: I went on a tour de fat in Sonoma, Jamaica, Munich and came home to summertime in Denver which meant I needed to drop some pounds, quickly, and so I went on a super strict cleanse that lasted twenty one entire, whole, complete, never-ending days. And guess what? I didn’t cheat once. Did I look good after? Yes. Did I feel good after? YES. Was I ever going to do it again? Hell no. I missed out on three amazing summer weeks because all I could do was drink green tea (which I did out of a wine glass after 5pm, it really helped) and nursed on watermelon for homemade happy hours that I held at my apartment, by myself. What I realized is food and drink are a huge part of my life. I cherish my weekend gatherings with friends and family over meals and drinks, rewarding myself after a hard hike (or walk) with a burger and a beer, evening wine while I listen to music and prepare dinner, and coffee, I really love my morning iced coffee. So yes, I felt amazing and I looked great. I also concluded it’s much more fun to be balanced by working out regularly and making healthy eating choices and if I could commit to that lifestyle, I would never again have to go twenty one days without pizza or wine. I win.

So what’s better than a twenty one day cleanse? A three day cleanse.

I’ve partnered with Pressery, a Colorado based, organic cold-pressed juice company and am thrilled to be partaking in a healthy reboot this week, because cleanses don’t have to be drastic and never-ending. Sometimes you need a day, or two, or three to re-position your mindset (and your waistline). Today marks the end of day one and I will admit, after last night’s splurge of a Sunday dinner, it was tempting, very tempting, to dig into leftover lasagna. Did I? I’ll follow up on my full review later this week. In the meantime, I’ll just keep sipping…

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