Athleisure Anonymous

Hello, my name is Brittany and I’m an athleisure addict.

Athleisure, I cringe at the word, but am guilty of being a lady in leggings and sneakers around 90% of the week. Being a remote worker, business casual doesn’t apply (unless I’m traveling) and if it weren’t for the fact that I choose to workout in the mornings, my work attire would be “night before” pajamas (okay some days it still totally is). I can also be found in athleisure attire while partaking in the following:

  • Dining Out
  • Shopping (grocery, clothing, mindless, any and all)
  • Mani/Pedi/Blowouts
  • Road Trips
  • Working in Coffee Shops
  • Hiking
  • Farmers Markets
  • Camping
  • Any and All Appointments
  • Every day between 8am and 6pm

Really the only time I’m not in athleisure (meaning I’m still more than likely in leggings, but with a more structured top and sans sneaks) attire is:

  • Church
  • Holidays
  • Parties

So, I have to share with you, the best purchase I’ve made in a very long time and when I say best purchase, I mean I’ve worn it 16 out of the 18 days that I’ve owned it. Literally. I’m wearing it right now. I also wore it to get Thai food last night and every day prior. If I’m honest here, I will more than likely be in it every day this week. Am I proud to admit that to you? Of course not, but I also feel I should share these kinds of things and not selfishly keep them to myself. I, at the recommendation of someone who thinks it’s kind of weird how much I wear this article of clothing, purchased a second two days ago. You know…as backup. That said, if you’re seeking the PERFECT casual, cable knit, fall sweater with the CHUNKIEST neck you could ever dream of, head to Gap and buy this before I get my hands on every last piece of inventory they’re carrying. And I will. I will. And while I may not be a true lady of leisure, for now I’ll have to settle with being a lady of athleisure. Whatever…

It should also be said that having a large chest that I’d much rather hide than pride, I often times loath (I’m trying to stop saying hate so much, but hate) the way I look in chunky sweaters…which is chunky. This sweater does not apply.



Sweater: GapLeggings: LululemonShoes: Nike (Similar), Photo Credit: Holly Estrow Photography 

*GAP is currently running a sale and you can get this up to 40% off depending on which day you make your purchase.

**This item is currently sold out (sorry I bought them all), but keep checking back online and by calling your local GAP. It’s worth your effort. 

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