5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Some years you go all out and some you’re all in, comfortably at home. This year I’ve committed to nothing, made zero plans, and intend to ring in the New Year in my favorite jammies while taking in, one last time, my first Christmas tree and my cozy apartment in its holiday splendor. While Twenty Fourteen wasn’t a year of change, it offered me much needed consistency after years of life spent on the road. The year included extended trips to St. Louis to be with my family, less work and more personal travel, fun friendships both new and old, continued adventures in Colorado, and the best of all, the birth of my first nephew, Brooks Frederick (Auntie Brittany, adores him!). What’s especially exciting as I enter the start of this New Year isn’t so much a fresh start as I couldn’t be more thankful with life where it stands, but the uncertainty of what could bring so much change. Twenty Fourteen, thanks for bringing balance and a baby boy. Twenty Fifteen, I welcome all of your challenges, professionally and personally. Cheers and thank you to all of you who continue to follow me on my journey, I wish you the most success and happiness in 2015!


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