Super-Secret Family Recipe Christmas Chocolate

Each year as December unfolds, I look forward checking the mail…not to see if any packages have arrived (yeah right, that too), but to see if any Christmas cards have arrived. You know the cards, they typically feature a recently engaged or newlywed couple, families with new babies or children who’ve been in six or seven years worth of cards, even the family animals (love those!). These seasonal cards fill me with laughter and smiles and bring an added warmth to my holiday decor. This year, I wanted to send a Christmas wish to my friends and family, but was confident it shouldn’t be a photo of myself walking through a sea of Aspen trees in my fall best, so I decided to put on my baking cap (crock pot lid) and send out edible Christmas cards. Wouldn’t you rather eat chocolate made by yours truly than see another picture of me?! 

*It must be said…this is the easiest candy to make…in the entire world. You do not have to be a confectioner or skilled in the kitchen to make this, you just need to know how to turn on a crock pot. Seriously. I really hate admitting that this is not a difficult recipe, so just don’t tell a lot of people, okay? If anyone asks for the recipe, say it’s a super-secret family recipe and it cannot be shared. 

Christmas Chocolate:


  • 16 oz unsalted peanuts 
  • 16 oz salted peanuts
  • 12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 12 oz milk chocolate chips
  • 2-10 oz peanut butter chips
  • 2-lb white almond bark – or vanilla candy coating


  • Layer all ingredients in large crock pot-start with peanuts and add the rest 
  • Turn pot on low and cover with lid
  • Leave for 2 hours then stir to combine
  • Cover and leave for 30 minutes
  • Stir and then spoon mixture onto wax paper or non stick aluminum pan
  • Let harden at least 1 hour
  • Break into pieces

Turning the Chocolate into Send-Worthy Christmas Cards 

  • Go to any craft store and you’ll find an assortment of cute bags, tins, and boxes to place your chocolates in
  • Pick up gift tags and a marker to write your Christmas wish (the smaller the tag, the less you have to write!)
  • Choose a ribbon that coordinates with your gift bags (you’ll use the ribbon twice: first to tie the baggie holding the chocolate and second to tie the gift bag and secure the tag)
  • Place chocolate inside cheap sandwich bags and tie with ribbon
  • Place wrapped chocolate inside gift bags
  • Secure tag with ribbon and close the gift bag
  • Put on your Santa hat and hand out to local friends and family (so fun and if delivered to offices most will bring you down office party snacks, bonusssss) 
  • Box up and ship to friends and family out of town


{chocolate for days}

{ wrapped and ready for final packaging}

{merry christmas. feliz navidad. joueux noel.}

Wishing you a happy, happy holiday season and best wishes with your New Year weight loss goals!

2 thoughts on “Super-Secret Family Recipe Christmas Chocolate

  1. Thanks dear for the Super-Secret Family Recipe. I loved it and will definitely try this for this Christmas. Our boss is looking for some fun corporate holiday party ideas and venues for Christmas celebration at and this Christmas Chocolate will be a great giveaway for this party. Isn’t it?


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