Leggings for Days

Leggings…so many feelings towards them. So many love them (moi), so many hate them (my grandmother), so many abuse them (no comment), and so many are unsure of how to incorporate them into their own personal wardrobe. I’m trying really hard to be more balanced and not wear them 6 days out of the week, but I love them. All of them. Standard, patterned, leather, stirrup, thermal, I own them all. My mother thinks I need more variety on my bottom half, but this post isn’t about her opinion of my wardrobe. It’s about you, because you need to get these leggings.

I’ve had a number of lady friends reach out over the years asking for suggestions on leggings and I’m here to share my secret… I don’t have suggestions, I have one brand of leggings that I’ve been wearing for the past six years. I wear (drumroll) Zella, “Live In” leggings to both barre and yoga, but mostly everyday wear. They are the most comfortable, tight fitting, thick, durable, incredible leggings I’ve ever worn. They are thick enough that you don’t look (or feel) terrible if your butt isn’t completely covered (when working out, otherwise keep that tush covered), they aren’t see through, and they’re double sided (I like the shinier finish with the  Zella label on the inside, against my hip). A quick way to ruin your look or confidence is by wearing leggings that are made with thin material. Zellas, no matter where my weight stands, always make me feel confident because they’re thick and tight which makes my legs appear much more toned. They’re simply the best for casual, everyday wear.

How I style my leggings:

On Top: Always cover the butt. Poncho. Oversized Sweater. Long Fitted Tee. Oversized Scarf. Leather Jacket. Chambray. Any and All Sweaters. Layer. Layer. Layer.

On Bottom: Sneakers, Any Boot (Tall, Short, Rain), Ballet Flats, Any Flats. Do not wear heels with these leggings…keep it casual.

 I’ve had so many people tell me they can’t pull off leggings and that couldn’t be less accurate..for anyone. I’ve seen women of all sizes, shapes, and ages look great in leggings so go to Nordstrom and treat yourself a pair of Live Ins and get to layering, ladies!

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