Calling America

Do you know that you can’t travel internationally if your passport is not valid 6 months after your dates of travel? If yes…..well that’s great. If not, ohmygod me neither!? I mean…what’s the purpose of an expiration date if the goods aren’t even good before said date? Just think if this were the case with milk. Can you imagine taking your first sip of some steaming hot chocolate and tasting sour milk?! Thank God I stumbled upon this information one week prior to my trip to Canada or I would have been in for an unsuspected surprise at the border, as my passport expires in June. How terribly embarrassing that would have been if I were trying to gain entrance back into the US and been denied…from my own country(gasp)! Blasphemy! I guess a couple of days in Vancouver wouldn’t have been soooo bad, but surely my boss wouldn’t have felt the same and being denied entry to your own country is for felons and terrorists, not ladies.

Lesson number 2,351 learned on the road: Make sure your passport is valid 6 months beyond your dates of travel.

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