Rapunzel’s Room

If you know me, you know that I love my things. I love to be surrounded by my books, pictures, candles…all of it. Since I travel so much, any time spent at home is absolutely precious and I spend lots of it in my cozy bedroom. It’s on the fourth floor of a very old building that used to be a schoolhouse in the 1800’s. I have a little corner room which is, by far, the coziest room I have ever lived in and I am absolutely in love with it. Upon my arrival next week I have a project that I am so very excited to get started on…a beautiful vanity. A place where I can display my jewelry, perfume, makeup, and also get ready for evenings out on the town. I am thinking all things antique…table, seat, mirror, and lamp. As usual, my inspiration for the room is Anthropology…the soft femininity of shabby chic decor is just so romantic, soft, and inviting. Come, Tuesday I will be perusing Antique Row, Cherokee Street in Saint Louis, and am beyond excited to search for the perfect pieces to put together this special addition to Rapunzel’s Room.

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