An Eye On the Sky

And, I’m back. Forgive me for my absence, I got a little wrapped up in a world I often visit and occasionally forget to leave….but I’m officially grounded and it feels nice. A quick peek into my little world these past few months…

Home– I survived my 68 day tour of the island of Curacao. The following I will never again take for granted: My bed, Starbucks, family happy hour, cloudy days, having a kitchen, my car, Target, trees (non palm), fall/winter clothing, and soup…big pots of soup (especially making it).

Paris– I could never insult my trip by simply including it in an entry, Paris deserves its very own…more to come on the trip of love.

San Francisco– This magical place has not left my heart nor my mind since last October. I fell in love, left, and will be making my way back. I mean, a city where a girl (or a boy) can wear leggings, boots and scarves almost all year?! Heaven! I envision a charming, shabby chic, cozy apartment (I’ve looked on Craigslist, realistically I would be in a rat den), market Saturday’s prancing around town, picking up groceries, and taking pictures with my serious, photography girl camera that I will get this year for Christmas (*Mom/Dad Nikon d300s*), outdoor concerts, and wine country Sundays! Ugh…die, die, die at the thought of it and will be reborn when life in SF is no longer a dream, but my very own Anthropology-esque reality!

St. Lucia-Call me Caribbean Queen, because I am back! Four weeks here and nine in Curacao mean this little lady has spent THIRTEEN weeks on the beach JUST this year. If I don’t see the Sun, sand, or a strawberry daiquiri for the the next twenty, you will not hear a complaint from me! (I will be home on Sunday, I will be home on Sunday, I will be home on Sunday)

Wedding– My big sister is getting married on October 1st. This is a huge deal because:

1. She is my only sister.
2. I am the MOH (Maid of Honor, daaaaa…I googled it about a year ago)
3. This is probably the one and only time I will be an MOH (Little bit bratty/Little bit flakey)
4. I have not been in a wedding since my big debut as a flower girl at the age of five. I was stunning.
5. Speech. Speech. Speech. This has been on my mind since the age of thirteen when I was informed that all MOH’s give a speech.

Just to emphasize, this wedding is a very big deal (in my world). I will keep you posted.


Fall. Is. Coming.

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