Brittany Twenty Ten

With the new year in full force I can not tell you just how happy I was to see 09′ go. Although the year did bring some amazing trips and adventures, as it came to an end it sucked as bad as paying full price for a pair of expensive boots and then watching your sister buy them a week later for a third of the price. So I have decided that with the start of a new decade I am going to exfoliate alllll the bad skin off of me (not to be mistaken with the bad girl in me, she stays) and start over as a new woman! First off, I am going to be extremely pro-active in finding a new job. I can not tell you how sick I am of not having a normal routine, a job that challenges me, happy hour (God, I miss HH), and I never thought I would say this…EVER..but a dress code. Yes I, the queen of getting calls from HR regarding my work wardrobe, misses the dress code. Oh, how I do love the challenge of dressing cute and sexy while showing no skin and dealing with the “to the knee” rule (When I reign, there will be no TTK rule). Second, I am focusing on my outer beauty. No I didn’t mean inner and accidently write outer, I am focusing on my outer beauty, if I feel beautiful on the outside, I will feel beautiful on the inside (It can work both ways). I am going to floss more, drink more water and less RBV’s, possibly lighten up the curls, and consume less salt so that my eyes NEVER get puffy (not sure if mine do, but I read today that if you consume less salt, your eyes will be less puffy). I also just armed myself with some new Ole Hendriksen products, so by the time 2011 rolls around my skin is going to resemble that of a 14 year old model (I aim high). Third, I am going to go on more dates. Now the last time I said this, I ended up on a date with a 47 year old man who was a dead ringer for Burt Reynolds and ended up so drunk that I had to drive his car to my house, watch him literally crawl up my stairs on his hands and knees, and let him pass out on my couch (What was I supposed to do?!) The man literally downed three cocktails before we even ordered dinner. He wanted to take me to Annie Gunns, but I didn’t feel comfortable getting on any highway with this man and his moustache, so we settled for Barcelona which was about two miles from my house at the time. That was also a bad idea because I saw three people I knew while we were there. I rushed through the meal so we could get the H out of there and decided we should go to Miso because we could walk there, it was a week night (aka not a large crowd), and it’s dark like a dungeon (perfect if I sit with my back to the crowd in a corner), not so much…I saw more people I knew and then some photographer took a picture of Burt boy and me. That’s when I panicked, took him to a keg party and watched him bong beers with some 20 somethings that worked at McGurks. Clearly, I was on a roll of great ideas. The next morning I was at work and saw an email on my Blackberry from my sister titled “What is this?!?!”. Her ex, while on, found the picture that was taken not 12 hours before and sent it to her and my MOTHER. I had a lot of explaining to do. Lesson learned: Don’t go out on dates with people because you are bored and want free dinner, drinks, or entertainment, because in the end…you will end up paying for it one way or another. Lastly, Brittany twenty ten is going to have much better judgement (I pray for it every night, as do my parents) and even though it’s a lot more fun to lack good judgement, this might be the year that I remove myself from the HMC (hot mess club). Cheers!

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