Boogie on Reggae Woman

Back in June I went to visit a boy who lives in Aspen. He loves reggae like I love purses and I…well I know as much about reggae as I do about the periodic table. There are three things that come to my mind when I think of reggae…drugs, dreads, and drum circles. People often think that I’m a hippie, but I’m totally not. Yes my style can be very reflective of the late 60’s and early 70’s and yes I do enjoy Hendrix, Clapton, and Zeppelin…but trust me when I say…I am not a hippie. And just to clarify…I’m not a faux hippie, I much prefer hippie chic. So when I was leaving Aspen my friend made me a couple of cd’s and there was this certain song that I was OB.SESSED with. I knew a girlfriend of mine who would appreciate the song as much as I and when I played it for her she loved it….we goog’d the lyrics and found that the artist was Michael Franti. We started listening to some of his other stuff and then saw that he was coming to town in October. The guy in Aspen just went to his show a few weeks ago and his sister (who I met up with in NYC) almost died when we told her we were considering buying some tix. She said it was amazing and poss one of the best shows EV. So tonight is the big show and I hope I fall in love with Michael as it seems everyone else already has. I am kind of excited about my outfit and to see all the real hipps! I hope I blend in (shall I go sans shoes?!) and until my next update…PLH (Peace, Love, Happiness)

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