Blackberry or Die

Labor Day weekend (aka the start to FALL) came and went. That Saturday was the MU/IL Arch Rival game, it was a beyond amazing day of running into friends, cheering Mizzou on, experiencing Fieldhouse in St. Louis, drinking…and more drinking. The day was AH. MA. ZING. It was 10 times better than I could have imagined. BTW I would just like to say that Mizzou has GREAT school colors (and no I did not go to Mizzou). When your school colors are purple and green, it’s a little hard to look cute at a tailgate, but black and gold…my goodness, the options are endless. All a girl has to do is wear a black cotton dress and black leggings and then pile on the gold jewelry. SO FUN! I think I like to be apart of all the MU ruckus because I love getting creative with the outfit. Anyway, somewhere along the way I broke my beloved Blackberry. The guy at ATT said, “water damage”. I said to him, “Um sir, I was not around any water on Saturday”. He then he looked at me like I had just said that I had impregnated Elizabeth Taylor and said, “liquid damage”. Ahhhhh, that made much more sense.

Decision time: Ironically, just the day before, I was in a very deep, very serious conversation with my sister, her boyfriend, and some others’ about phones. The topic was: Would you EVER make the switch from Blackberry to iPhone? My response, “SICK, NEVER!”. My sister, her boyf and I agreed that we were BBY till we die and iPhones were…well…something we were not nor would ever be interested in. I swore up and down that I would forever be a lover of keys and would never conform to a touch screen. Well let me tell you, when I saw the $400 price tag on the BBY I wanted, it did not take long before I did the unspeakable…yes….buy an iPhone. After my purchase was finalized my sales guy asked me if I wanted him to show me a bit about my new phone, I said, “no, I just want to go home” and walked out with my head down. I am still adjusting and I do at times feel like a sellout, but I secretly, yes, very secretly like it and I tried reallllly hard not to. What’s even worse…I can not, for the LIFE of me, remember my iTunes login or password (RIP my comp), so I have not even started downloading the apps or any songs on it. Moral of the story? I’m going to go with…Don’t speak too soon or Don’t knock it till you try it. At least I admit it.

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