Beauty Sleep = Beauty Queen

Lately, a lot of my friends and others’ that I know have been complaining of not sleeping well at night, some resorting to sleeping pills (two words: Fat Elvis, Ew). Good sleep should come naturally and let me tell you, sleep is VERY important for your health, not to mention your BEAUTY. I once had a guy at work tell me I look tired all the time (excuse me?!). I have found that if you start to relax yourself a few hours or so before bedtime, you will sleep like an Anne Geddes baby. Here are some of the things that I do every weeknight (non happy hour nights) to relax myself before bed.

1) Make dinner: For me, I enjoy cooking a meal and when you have a hot guy to cook for, well that means double the enjoyment. Cooking is a source of relaxation and a great way to unwind after a long day at work. (When a guy is involved, my sources of relaxation might be slightly altered)

2) After clean up, take a walk. I live in an urban area and there are tons of beautiful homes that I like to look at and try to peek inside of. This is a great time to get your leggings and Ugg slippers on, along with a scarf (items that are banned at the office, but essential for me to put on for at least a little bit every day).

3) Take a hot, bubble bath. This is my NUMBER ONE source of relaxation. Let’s face it, I’m not Blair Waldorf and obvi don’t have Dorota to give me a massage every night so instead of an amazing rub down, I pamper myself with a bubb bath filled with chamomile and lavender oils and other BB products (Target carries their own version of Johnson’s Night Time Lavender Baby Wash for $1.08..RIDIC).

4) MOISTURIZE. I like to think of moisturizing as “sealing the deal”. When you get out of a hot bath and put lotion on your warm, slightly wet body, you are sealing alllll the precious oils, scents, and soaps in your skin. Once again, Target has a versh of Johnson’s Lavender Night Time Baby Lotion for a little over $3.

The best feeling in the world is when you get your jammies on and crawl into your cozzzyyy bed while smelling like a lavender angel. What you do while you are in bed is up to you, because let’s face it, anything you do in bed is going to be relaxing, unless you are bancing (bed dancing, way too nerdy and embarassing to explain). Don’t forget your eye blinders and if you STILL are unable to sleep after this…drink three glasses of wine, which always works for me!

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