Good Girl Gone Bad

My mother has not approved of the majority of the guys I have dated. Ater meeting them she always warned me, “Brittany, you are playing with fire, do not date this guy”. I tend to go for guys who (as politely as possible), don’t have a lot going on. In her words, “you date guys that you feel sorry for” (awesome). After about 6 months I usually realize she is right and have to break up with them even though I’m head over 6 inch heels. It’s devestating and I have accepted that I am a masochist. Going to New York was the same. I knew when I left for the city that I was, “playing with fire”. I started out intrigued, decided to dip my toes in the water, and got burned…bad. I was the sweet, naive girl and NYC had heartbreaker written all over it and just like most good girls that get a taste of something new and exciting, have decided to make it my goal to find my way back…for a very extended stay? Perhaps!

2 thoughts on “Good Girl Gone Bad

  1. So if you have realized this then change. Did you feel you could mold the guy into something you wanted? I dont see the reason that one would go for such a person seems to me one would be boring. Do you find them less challenging? What you are describing is very illogical thinking.


  2. Brit what is the appeal of a guy that dosent have much going on? Is it you think you can mold them into some one you’d want? Why not go for someone with a lot going on in there life. That kind of person is a lot more fun. Maybe they aren’t the bad boy girls seem to go for but i guarantee you they can at least pay for dinner without going to there old pick up truck and looking in the seats for a few bucks. I know you feel sorry for some guys that’s normal. You have to look at this way. Change must come form with in them no one can do it for them not even there parents. If you date someone that has there life together its much more fun. You don’t burn out after 6 months of having some guy to care for. Instead you get a companion some one that is always by your side and one who helps you with anything you may need. After time you will notice they look after you and your not looking after them all the time. You can also take them out with your parents and when your dad asks him where are you working they dont respond with um um well kind of working m with some friends right now. This is the guy with his life together response currently i am working at att in accounts. See steady job and not mumbled response and has the mean to fund things himself not asking you for money, So maybe next time keep this all in mind when you see a guy. Maybe hes not a bad boy maybe hes a bit quite. But once you get to know him you find out that the reason hes quite is not that hes shy its he dosent want to make a fool of himself he know when to talk and when not to talk. He also know his manners and etiquette. This just might be the guy who you ll never burn out with and hed be by your side forever. So take a diffrent road try something diffrent you never know where it leads . Always remember Robert Frost.

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.


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