No Words

So I had to work last night until 8PM. It was really hard going into work on a Sunday, a dreary, rainy one at that. I don’t need to say it, but I will again… I LOVE fall Sundays, the cooler and darker, the better. So when I got off work all I wanted to do was go to Square One Brewery, a block from my house, have a beer, the absolute best pot roast EVER and watch the baseball game. I called a friend of mine and he agreed to meet me there. We walked in and sat at a booth in the bar and ordered our drinks. It was beyond cozy and exactly what I was looking for. I had just taken a sip of my cold bev and as I looked up, who I saw next literally made my heart stop beating and my body go numb. I don’t know what happened, some force entered my body and without thinking I just got up (while my friend was in the middle of a sentence), left the booth, and went outside to the patio. I wasn’t sure if it was him, but I just stood there staring right at him and then he turned and looked into my eyes and said “wassssuuupppp boo boo.” IT WAS HIM. It was the courtroom creeper. I put this on the authenticy of my handbags. He acted really weird like he was going to get in trouble if he was seen talking to me (maybe he had a jealous girlfriend watching from a distance)…he whispered, “I get off at nine, can I see you then?”, I told him I was there with my boyfriend (so not true) and could not meet him, but just wanted to say hello. I have NO clue why I followed him outside and I have NO clue why I said hello, I can already hear my mother lecturing me. All I can say was it shocked me and I had no control over my body. I’ve never done any hallucinogenic drugs, but I think it’s safe to say I had an out of body experience.

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