Enchanté de vous connaître

1. I am really good at convincing people to let me cut their hair, even though I have no clue what I am doing.

2. In college I had a fake id business and people would come to my dorm window, which was located on the ground level, and I would chalk id’s for 5 dollars.

3. When I was living in LA and only knew one person who worked all day, I befriended a homeless man named Howard who I hung out with on the promenade for about a week straight.

4. My family used to own two horses. I rode English and jumped.

5. I was on the Blue Man Group tour bus and they asked me to go to Albuquerque with them.

6. I started a book club for sassy girls, SLBC!

7. I love browning meat and chopping anything in the kitchen.

8. When I was a child, I took first place in the diving competition 5 years in a row at camp and never took a diving lesson.

9. No one can make me laugh like my sister. We can laugh for days.

10. I know every single word to “Doin’ it” by LL Cool J.

11. I take bubble baths every night.

12. Everyone in my family was either Prom Queen or King…except for me.

13. My first attempt at Karaoke was when I was seven years old at Tokyo Steakhouse. I sang “I’m a little teapot”.

14. Every time I go to church, I cry.

15. I always think I see famous people. This year alone, I thought I saw Dennis Quaid at Nordstrom, Eric Clapton in the VIP area at Harry’s, and Bill Clinton in the produce section at the Clayton Schnucks.

16. Every night, including in the dead of the winter, I sleep with two fans on, one right next to my face and the fan on my ceiling…full blast.

17. If I had to choose between being a princess or a queen, I would be a princess.

18. The best feeling ever is when I get out of the bath and get my lotion and pajamas on and climb into my bed.

19. I could not survive in a world of clutter. Everything in my life needs to be clean, tidy, and organized in order for me to function properly.

20. I have called 911 about 10 times in my life, four times in the past two years.

21. I sincerely believe there is goodness inside of everyone and that sometimes you have to help show people where it is.

22. I much prefer a dark, cool day over a hot, sunny one.

23. Once when I was four years old I was roller skating down a street in my neighborhood, my sister who was on her bike, passed me up and I got so mad that I skated as fast as I could, head first, right into a big wooden fence.

24. If I could wear leggings every single day, I would.

25. My imagination is my best friend and my worst enemy.

One thought on “Enchanté de vous connaître

  1. “2. In college I had a fake id business and people would come to my dorm window, which was located on the ground level, and I would chalk id’s for 5 dollars.”

    5 bucks! I paid $50 minimum, multiple times. This business could have put you through college…


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