The Secret Gardens of Saint Louis

I love to explore and am always up for an exciting adventure. On most Saturday afternoons, after I finish my errands and a quick stop at Forever 21, I can be found driving around listening to music and in search of some sort of afternoon adventure. A lot of people mistake my curiosity for nosiness, but it’s 110% curisosity and quite frankly, I am surprised it hasn’t killed me yet. Here are some general guidelines that I always try to follow.

1. Always have a PIC (partner in crime) with you, not to practice safety or anything, but how much fun is it to rummage through some big, scary, abandoned building alone? UH NOT AT ALL. (For safety purposes, a PIC is essential when ghetto cruising, it’s just not smart to enter gang territory sans a pack)

2. When approaching a homeless person’s place of squatting, make sure to give a friendly call out before getting too close. Trust me on this.

3. Camera, Camera, Camera

4. Always have cash on you. Seedy places tend to accept cash only. I recently took a trip to the Pevely Flea Market and fell in love with a vintage gold watch and I only had my deb on me. Thankfully, my PIC had some cash. (another reason PIC’s are essential)

5. When exiting your vehicle, prepare for the worst. Always keep your mace in your hand and as much as you want to aim it at the air…don’t. It is very important to be discreet with your weapons.

6. At times there may be people you have to get past (homeowners, factory employees, security). When faced with these road blocks, always say that you are working on a project for school. It’s easy to BS, typically believable (espec with the cam), and most people want to help a struggling college student.

7. If and when the police catch you, play innocent. Tell them that you had no clue that the road was private, the building was closed, or what trespassing is.

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