Au Revoir, summer!

I have never been a fan of summer. My dad says I am “allergic” to sweating. I think he’s right. I just could never get into the heat, the sun, and the endless outdoor activites…in the heat and the sun. Some call that prissy, but I just see it as I like to be comfortable. Why would I CHOOSE to be hot and sweaty if I don’t have to? Being a girl that would rather spend hours piecing together new outfits from old clothes in my closet rather than laying on the couch watching Gossip Girl on a hungover Saturday afternoon, I just don’t understand why some girls prefer summer dressing to fall/winter dressing. Nothing excites me more than the call of fall. My heart rate races with thoughts of bulky leather boots, oversized handbags, layerying, accessories galore, scarves with everything, and my all time favorite…leggings. If I could, I would wear leggings every single day. Everytime I go to Target, I buy a new pair of leggings. A girl can not have enough, especially at $8 a pop. This year I am trying my hardest not to pull out the fall wardrobe before it’s time. I will never forget the Missouri/Illinois Arch Rival game at the Dome in 2007. It was early September and was prob the first day since spring in the low 80’s, I pulled out a sassy black and gold cotton dress in my closet and paired it with leggings and Uggs. Big mistake. I tried my hardest that afternoon to ignore the sweat that was dripping down my back (sick) and forming on my forehead (bonjour frizz). I then realized that I was going against all that I stood for…voluntarily making myself uncomfortable! Shame on me! Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when we left the tailgate for a bar. Point of this story….I can not wait for fall and it’s almost time!!

8 other reasons why I love the fall, in no particular order:

The colors of EVERYTHING
The Balloon Glow
Forest Park Wine Festival
Chili on a cool day
Drinking a pale ale on the patio of Llwelyns in the CWE
Sunday football
Did I mention the clothes?

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